Say Hello to Our New CTO!

We’re absolutely thrilled to welcome Chris Doyle, previously CTO at PrettyQuick, to our executive team!  As CTO, Chris will lead our technology team to quickly bring our initial product offering out of beta as a trusted, efficient compliance platform.

Long-term, Chris plans to focus on building the team, processes, and infrastructure necessary to fully execute our transformational vision of machine-assisted intelligent compliance. “Reasonable regulation is an important part of the free market, protecting consumers and leveling the playing field,” he noted. “But, due to their complexity and sheer volume, regulations often feel more like a punitive burden, stifling competition and preventing innovation. I’m excited to help our customers fulfill the spirit (and letter) of their obligations in a way that lets them breathe easy and focus on creating value for their own customers through their core business.”

Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Ascent, having spent more than a decade in software development and management in both startups and large companies. As CTO of PrettyQuick, he oversaw all strategic and tactical technical activities for backend, web, and mobile to build a best-in-class beauty-booking platform that seamlessly matched supply and demand through appointment-level dynamic pricing. Upon its successful exit through acquisition by Groupon, Doyle joined Groupon to aid in developing strategic priorities and partnerships for PrettyQuick. His work at Ascent is a natural extension of his previous experience creating workflow tools, gracefully combining human and machine operations, and building beautiful, intuitive, user-oriented experiences.

We’re excited to have Chris on our team, and we look forward to working with him to build an industry-leading solution that helps our customers save time, save money, and reduce risk!

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