Q1 Product Update

We’ve been busy at Ascent HQ!  From fashioning a new dashboard to creating a more robust reporting feature and everything in between, we’ve revamped the Ascent Navigator to give you everything you need to stay out of the penalty box and ahead of your regulators.



Our new dashboard makes it easy to oversee the activities of compliance personnel and monitor regulatory changes that could affect their efforts.  Using the Progress Report graph, a CCO can easily gauge the team’s compliance progress with any given regulator.  The green “completion” bar grows as tasks are completed, giving users a clear picture of the status of their quarterly obligations for each regulator in Navigator.  Current Tasks offers individual users a quick snapshot and easy management of active tasks that are coming due—ensuring that everyone understands the amount of work ahead and making certain nothing falls through the cracks.  This interface also lets users quickly mark tasks as complete or bypass the workflow to dive directly into the actual work of a given task, minimizing the time expended completing the tasks necessary to meet your obligations.

Case Management

We’ve created a better way to mediate and track the perpetual onslaught of one-off regulatory asks—every 4G request, every NFA Review, and every Request for Information—that comes at you throughout the year.  This feature lets you organize case-specific supporting documentation in a single, easily accessible location while collaborating to complete the case.  Now, you can work with your entire team quickly and efficiently to address the case, with no need to leave your office or send tons of follow-up emails to track down documents.

We know how difficult it can be to manage external requests, so we’ve added the Open Cases section, where you can track any request or review from an outside body.  With a full list of your regulatory requests and their due dates, nothing will be overlooked, and you’ll have easy access to upload or retrieve documents relating to the cases at hand.

External Updates

Important Updates is your direct connection to the outside regulatory world.  No more time wasted searching for what CME is putting out on the closing of the NYMEX floor or new wash trade rules—we tailor these updates to your firm profile, so you only see what’s relevant to you, in real time, with relevant information and documents readily available.  When applicable new rules are added, we alert you and Navigator automatically modifies the task associated with that new rule in your workflow.

Internal Changes

On the flip side, Recent Changes are to-the-minute updates on what’s happening inside your custom-made profile.  Don’t waste any more time darting around the office to follow up on tasks or waiting for email responses to discover the status of documentation necessary to complete your review or inquiry.  Here, you can follow the progress of any task assigned out to anyone from start to completion, as well as get instant notifications when outside requests or other projects are completed.


The History function serves as a catch-all for every activity, internal or external, that passes through your workflow.  Curious about someone’s work production?  Filter by that user’s name to monitor their progress through assigned tasks.  Fear that you may have missed important documents regarding CFTC proposed amendments?  Search or filter for documents to get the latest news on what the CFTC has published on the subject.  Further, you can simply filter for “Task Updated” to view all the recent updates to the actual actions you need to take to stay compliant.


Finding and exporting uploaded documents is now much easier with the Library, a repository for all documentation uploaded to Navigator that includes a trail connecting each document to its source.  You can also upload existing compliance manuals, policies, and procedures to ensure that you have a complete, accurate set of your compliance documents in single, readily accessible location.


Alleviate regulator uncertainty and answer all their questions at the click of a button with our improved Reporting feature.  Put your worries to rest by reviewing a complete audit log of all obligations needed to satisfy your reporting requirements or inquiries from regulators, including granular detail for each obligation down to the user who completed it and the time and date of completion.

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